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In HOBBIT, the project is organised by work packages and core teams, resulting in a matrix organisation (see chart below).

Picture of the matrix organisation, it shows the work packages and core teams

The work packages and their partner leaders are the following:

work packages and their partner leaders
WP WP Name Leader
WP 1 User Involvement and Specifications AAF
WP 2 User-Interface and Acceptance Design ULUND
WP 3 Robot-User Interaction and Behaviour Model TUW
WP 4 Robot-Enviroment (AAL) Interaction HEL
WP 5 Localisation, tracking and Gesture Interface FORth
WP 6 Robot Navigation and Manipulation TUW
WP 7 Plattform Design and Development OB
WP 8 System Integration and Assembly TUW
WP 9 Exploitation and Dissemination OB
WP 10 Project Management TUW

A part from the classical work package structure, people are assigned to lead core teams or serve as team members based on the core groups needs rather than on their work package descriptions. Although the core team leaders may have some administrative authority over team members, for the most part, the core team leaders guide, coordinate, and facilitate their core teams.

Each team member has at least two people giving her direction - a core team leader and a work package leader.

More information on the specific work of the core teams here.

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